We manage mission critical infrastructures 24 hours / 7 days

Managing your ICT infrastructure demands highly specialized engineers in a large variety of technologies (networking, hardware, operating systems, server applications, security etc.).

Having a full in-house experienced team of system administrators to ensure service continuity and respond adequately to incidents does not come cheaply.

On top of that, your infrastructure team has to establish a watch duty rotation to ensure service continuity outside of office hours which is both very costly and bothersome for your employees.

This is where Net7 excels:

We are a team of experts, specialized in operational services, managing the ICT infrastructure of our customers, 24 hours / 7 days, with a guarantee of 99,97% services availability, in a Service Level Agreement.

We are specialized in operational services. We do not usually develop applications or web sites but are partnered with many talented people and companies which trust Net7 in operating their infrastructures.

VPS Hosting

We offer high quality VPS hosting from our own redundant infrastructure hosted in the Centurylink Brussels data center with great connectivity and reponse times with worldwide peers.

The location in Belgium is perfect for local SEO and making sure all of your data is in the country.

As is customary at Net7, we can offer handmade custom deployments responding to your needs or you can just pick a standard image for both Linux or Windows hosting.

Feel free to ask us any question or request a quote for a standard or custom VPS.

On top of that are a few baseline services that we offer on top of your VPS hosting:

Monitoring & Alerting

We monitor basic services availability and disk space usage by default.

Depending on your support contract we will intervene 24/7 in case of service disruption.

You can be made to also receive service disruption alerts by email and/or SMS.

We are proactive in basic infrastructure surveillance. Any unexplained peaks of bandwidth, CPU or memory usage will usually prompt us to investigate possible hacking attempts.

Firewall & VPN

We manage a global firewall that protects your server in its initial state, which is something you'd have to configure yourself in other classical hosting environments.

We provide you with a VPN access (we actually have several solutions) to easily connect to your infrastructure and test your services with no firewall restrictions.


Disk space can be extended with no downtime, and resources can be upgraded on demand or following personalized advice for your own specific case.

We have knowledge in infrastructure scaling and can help you grow horizontally as well.

Our goal is to have you get the maximum out of your virtual hardware with pragmatic solutions.


You have access to customizable bandwidth charts and monitoring status of your virtual servers.

We also have a monthly reporting service on demand, and can always work out ways to help you would you require access to some specific data you might need to troubleshoot an issue.


Even when not subscribed to our 24/7 support service you can still ask us for help and advice.

We routinely help our customers with setting up HTTPS + redirections, install packages and specific environments.


We take daily full server images and keep a backup for the last two days and last two weeks, at the minimum.

It's possible to setup additional custom file backups with the same retention policy. As always, we can adapt to your specific needs.

Managed services

Even though we have our own infrastructure hosted in a datacenter in Brussels, Net7 can extend their expertise and tools to monitor and manage any external IT infrastructure.

We have experience managing any kind of hosting environment, from classic private servers to Kubernetes clusters or Application Engine type products.

As always we gladly provide advice on security and performance to make the most out of what you pay for in terms of infrastructure.

We normally charge a fixed monthly fee per item to manage but are flexible to accomodate larger or more complex distributed infrastructure on demand.

Backups and/or disaster recovery plan

We can help you setup backups or even a comprehensive disaster recovery plan if needed.

Backup systems are constantly monitored to make sure they're still working as expected.

Custom 24/7 monitoring

We have all the required tools to configure comprehensive outside monitoring for all of your important services as well as utilities (disk space, certificate validity, ...).

Email & Antispam Services

Net7 does provide basic mailbox packs if you need a convenient solution hosted in Belgium. However, our main high value services in the email domain are the distributed antispam/antivirus system and generally helping you making sure your infrastructure can receive and send emails smoothly.

At a larger scale, we also provide entire private email infrastructures for hundreds of mailboxes and forwards with a management interface.

As usual with us, backups are included for email services.


Our antispam system can be used as a relay between the internet and your Net7-hosted VPS or any external hosting solution.

It's been recently updated to a much higher effectiveness while still keeping up with our policy to have no false positives.

An email quarantine is kept for your domains alongside statistics and logs of your email traffic. See the following blog post for more information.

The antispam services is of course included with any mailbox we host ourselves.

Mass mailing

If you'd rather not use your own infrastructure to relay email campaigns we also have a mass mailing service for which we monitor the presence or not in common DNS blocklists.

Load balancing & Reverse proxy Services

You need horizontal scaling for your apps? We got that covered through different load balacing solutions we can offer you, be it HTTP, TCP, with custom logging, ...

We can also take charge of your reverse proxy services, with or without load balancing, to handle HTTPS for all your apps and easily distribute traffic and cache content.

Infrastructure scaling & advice

As mentioned above, our goal is for you to harness the maximum out of the resources you're paying for; Which in many cases consists in keeping things simple and transparent and not to sell you several packaged black box "solutions" and have you deal with it.

We work out performance optimizations daily and for a variety of backend technologies.

Be it helping you with vertical scaling, adding load balancing or caching, bundling static assets, providing solutions to handle API abuse or bandwidth spikes due to mailing lists ot other causes, these are problems we're familiar with and can offer advice and solutions for.

Whenever you need to grow, we can help you do that with handmade solutions tailored to your specific case.

Never hesitate to ask us for advice or if it's possible to test something out as we can also perform load testing and work on clones of your infrastructure to really measure the impact of a solution or another.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Need a remote location (possibly preferably in Belgium) to store and synchronize your office backup with? We got that covered.

Contact us with details about your situation and we'll try to come up with a personalized solution for it.

Backup synchronizations are done securely, usually through a VPN tunnel.

Need a complete backup solution with remote synchronization? We can help you set that up as well as a complete solution.

For these use cases we usually work with Synology products.

Shared Web Hosting

We have always managed a few different shared web hosting environments providing several different runtime versions.

We notably have ASP.net hosting on ISS starting from version 1 to the latest.

Several PHP/MySQL environments are also available.

We can also manage your domain names and HTTPS certificates and redirections according to SEO best practices, including setting you up with a free SSL certificate.

Backups are included in the service.

Shared SQL Server

Setting up your own SQL Server instance is expensive in terms of licenses, resources and general management (backups, ...).

We can give you access to a SQL Server database created on one of our dedicated database servers to be used in any of your projects would it be one or several virtual servers or shared hosting.

Backups are included in the service.


Originally destined to people in medical professions, we developed an application to register future appointments and have SMS and/or email reminders being sent to appointees.

The app is still in beta and free trials are open. Check out the showcase for more information.