Quick solutions for remote work & e-commerce website deployments

Published:  16/03/2020 15:00

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Given the current difficult conditions, especially for small businesses, we decided to offer the possibility to help any business in need to quickly setup temporary remote work solutions as well as e-commerce sites for people in hope of lowering the impact of possible current confinement measures.

Personalized solutions are, after all, one of our specialties.

Remote access to your office macines and services

Illustration représentant un utilisateur VPN

NB: This option is mainly intended to Belgian small businesses.

The general idea is to put together all that is necessary for you to be able to access your office network remotely and securely, as if you were there.

You could log into your office machine using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) or VNC (for Mac OS and others) as well as access your local file shares.

In practical fine details, a VPN service can be quickly desployed on your available hardware, as a virtual machine, Docker container or even a small dedicated system we could provide (e.g. a Raspberry Pi).

In case your office does not have a static IP address we may also have to setup a dynamic DNS service.

Taking orders online

Logo de Prestashop

We can quickly setup your own online catalog and e-commerce site to process orders and give you immediate online visibility.

We take care of the setup, hosting and are available to help you on case by case basis, as always.

We usually work with Prestashop.

Some of our customers already trust us to ensure such services of theirs keep running smoothly.

Appointments reminder service

Our appointments reminder service allows one to input upcoming appointments and choose to notify the appointee via email and/or SMS at a specific time before the appointment is supposed to take place, with a configurable delay.

You'll find more informations on the page dedicated to the service.

Mass mailing

We have been running mailing lists services for a long time.

These allow you to manage a list of members and who has permission to send to the list (which forwards to all members).

Public or private archives of all discussions can be setup.

Such a solution can work as an internal email-based communication system or help you rreach a customer base.

Contact us

We're very reactive by eamil: support@net7.be.

For convenience we also have an online contact form, as you do, which sends us an email directly.